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more stuff that never got posted from past projects... [Feb. 25th, 2010|07:40 pm]
nation of amanda
a little known fact about owning a pet hedgehog is that they poop while running in their wheel. then they keep running. the result of this is something that has cutely been termed "poop boots"  it actually is weirdly endearing while gross at the same time.

and here is an illo i did for razorcake magazine of goth kids at a club. i like how i draw a group of goth kids at a club and almost everyone is smiling. way to go! chins up guys!

over the past year i have been trying to make as varied a variety of work as i can. i'm trying to build broader appeal as an illustrator. i can't tell if it's working or not.

more tommorrow dudes!

[User Picture]From: daleof
2010-02-26 10:52 am (UTC)
Haha poop boots!
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